Fibre Optics

Design, Installation, Testing and Maintenance

With our in-house team of project managers and fibre optic engineers we are able to offer complete design, installation, testing and maintenance of all standard fibre optic cabling as well as Blown Fibre systems. These are invaluable, on large sites and especially where speed of install is paramount.

Our experienced team of project managers are able to provide free site surveys to build the best fibre solution for any environment.

Fibre Network Services:

  • Single-mode fibre OS1 and OS2
  • Multi-mode fibre OM1, OM2, 0M3 and OM4
  • Free no obligations site survey
  • Optic fibre and blown fibre
  • Terminating and testing
  • Project management
  • Warranty and maintenance

Why choose fibre?

Traditional fibre is typically used within the buildings distribution layers. Blown fibre solutions are ideally suited to the campus or wide area network lending itself significantly towards creating a cost effective backbone network solution featuring previously unseen scalability and resilience.

Fibre has the ability to carry a larger amount of bandwidth over a greater distance at a faster speed. All for a lower maintenance cost with an increased resistance to electromagnetic interference from objects such as radios and other cables.

For fibre network installations, call R.G.D. King Ltd in Bristol and Cardiff.
0117 941 4500 or 029 2045 2192